Sybil, dear, your privilege is showing.

Seriously? Did you just tell an Irish man in 1920 not to talk about Ireland in front of the British stablishment? Oh, yeah, I forgot, not to talk about it “all the time.” Why don’t you, white girl, date a black man and tell him “don’t talk about race all the time”? Because that isn’t offensive or anything. Gosh, opressed people, talking about their issues all the time and spoiling everybody’s fun, can’t their forget about it for a couple of hours? [/sarcasm]

Have you any idea, Sybil, dear, what the English —with the British Army and your own kind (English protestant landlords) as standard bearers— did to the Irish? Have you heard of the Great Famine? Did you really expect him to sit down and shut up in front of the people that considered the Irish an inferior race? Not to mention, Sybil, dear, that your family spends the entire episode trying to “civilize” your husband as if he were a wild animal.

So, you know, shut up.