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Chuck and Sarah Alphabet → Family

I’d like to make a toast. Chuck and I have been a little sad this week that we aren’t normal people. I’ve been having a hard time with the fact that I have no real friends, but I look around here at all of you today and I realize that because of Chuck, I do. Nobody in the world is closer than we all are, so thank you, and cheers.

#:’) in the first one she won’t come in because it’s family time and she thinks she doesn’t belong #and in the last one she’s realizing that they are her family as well#I think it’s great how chuck grew over the series and how sarah helped him realize his full potential #but he also gave her something that she had never had in her life #a family #stupid stupid idiots

Casey & Sarah, seasons 1 - 5

13th November 2012 23:33
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You know, some day when the Intersect is out of your head and you have the life that you always wanted you’ll forget all about me.
I seriously doubt that.

Chuck Au// Hi, I’m Chuck Bartowski and my life was pretty simple two days ago. My father is a renowned scientist who works for the Allies, building high-tech spy gadgets and I’m his aide. Because of this (and his protectiveness), I wasn’t sent to the front to kill Nazis. Instead, I spent all my boring time in the lab. Until Agent Bryce Larkin sent a message using the Long-range Visual Communication device to show the location of the most top-secret Nazi base. Unfortunately, the only one to witness the message was me. Also unfortunately, that was his last message. So now I have a visual image of the landscape, but not the exact location on the map except “somewherenearthenortheast” of France. The US Government and the Brits, desperate, has decided to send me in a mission to locate the place. For that, I will be escorted by the SOE agent Sara Wieczorek (AKA Sarah Walker) and Major Jon Casey. I think both of them secretly hate me. Also, I think I’ll die in this suicide mission.

“You need to know that your father’s sins are his and not yours.”

18th October 2012 10:53
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sarah walker | the spy