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Hubble’s Latest Mind Blowing Cosmic Pictures

The Hubble Space Telescope has been looking deep into the Cosmos for over two decades returning over a million observations of planets, exoplanets, nebulae, galaxies and clusters of galaxies. The mission has surpassed our wildest expectations, but some of the most intricately beautiful views of the Universe have been released only recently — sometimes in collaboration with other observatories.

Want your mind blown? Take a look at these cosmic beauties!


The Americans | 1x01: Pilot

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4th place Chuck vs. the First Date
5th place Chuck vs. Santa Claus



4th place Chuck vs. the Beard
5th place Chuck vs. the Angel de la Muerte


Chuck: You know, Morgan… has this crazy idea. [All Morgan’s ideas are crazy.]
Sarah: What is it? [And this proofs you lost your memory, because otherwise you’ll refuse to hear more, Sarah.]
Chuck: He thinks that, with one kiss, you’ll remember everything.
Sarah: One magical kiss? [Oh, have you heard about them?]
Chuck: Yeah. I know it’s… [Crazy? Stupid? Doomed to fail?]
Sarah: Chuck?
Chuck: Yeah?
Sarah: Kiss me. [I swear, if this works and Morgan was right you’ll never hear the end of it. Your grandchildren will tell the story of how Morgan saved your marriage. Your grandchildren.]

And it ends. Leaving us with the doubt and the uncertainty. And even if in the beginning I was watching the kiss, looking at the clock and saying "you won’t dare, Fedak, you won’t dare…" Once that I saw the fade to black and the title, I laughed and admired Fedak’s “cajones”.

Yes, I know that not everybody likes this ending and I respect it. I think it’s great that we can choose if Sarah gets her memory back or not, if we want the Disney ending or not, but I understand that this is only my opinion. There are people that think the ending should have been definitive, that we should have known for certain if she recovers the memory, that they don’t want to imagine or read/write fanfics, that the only thing that counts if what it’s shown. For them, of course, the ending is disappointing, but not for me.

Others are of the opinion that the entire arc is wrong and that we should have had a really happy ending, an epilogue with the future, a la Alias. I respect all those opinions, but I don’t share them.

Look, I don’t want to sound patronizing here. If you didn’t like the ending you didn’t like it. And I know how disappointing it is when the ending doesn’t fulfill you. I do, I swear. I’m not blaming anybody for hating the ending. In fact, for all of them my advice is this: take episodes 9 to 13 and erase them, make the ending of Vs. the Baby (with Sarah carving their names on the house’s frame) the ending of the show for you. I’m serious. No irony here. Make that your ending.

I, however, like the series’ ending. I’m not saying it’s perfect, but I think it fits the show. For me Chuck has always been about how anybody can be a hero. How the nerd can get the girl (or the boy), save the world, be whatever he/she wants without being ashamed… Chuck is a show that tells you that we, the nerds, can have our happy ending. But we must work for it. You have to work hard for your happy ending. It’s possible, but it’s not easy, and it’s an everyday task. Because that’s life. Life isn’t a “and they all lived happily ever after.” It’s not. You can get the girl/boy, but then you’ll have to take care of the relationship everyday. You can get the job of your dreams, but you’ll have to work hard to mantain it. Because after the kiss, after the wedding, after winning that award or getting that job, there isn’t a fade to black, there is just the next day. And you’ll have to get living. This only ends when you dies. Until then, work hard for you happiness every day.

That’s why I like the series’ ending.

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Chuck: episode 5X12 picspam/recap (fragment)

Since, technically, today is Epiphany and we give presents in Spain this day (traditionally), I’ve thought of sharing the recap of Chuck Vs. Sarah, even if it isn’t finished, so you can enjoy it.


These recaps are hurting me, and I’m not exaggerating. I suffer from something called Costochondritis. It appears every time I’m stressed. Yes, people, making the recaps is stressing me so much that I’m physically hurting. (Also, Livejournal has been a bitch lately and I had to buy the presents for Epiphany.)

I hope you’ll appreciate my sacrifice :-)

Anyway, let’s begin this before I have a heart attack.

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a response
Thank you for bringing back the recaps! Much appreciated. Gonna go cry now and you haven't even gotten to the last 3 episodes yet...

*hugs* I know, anon, I know.

It’s hard.

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Future Chuck: The Walker-Bartowskis finally get their ‘someday’ when, after regaining her memories, Sarah gives birth to little Stephen Bartowski.

Our kids will be like little superheroes with little capes and stuff like that.

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